About the Health In Hand Foundation

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Our Vision

Happier, healthier lives through responsible self-care

Our Mission

Empowering consumers to make safe, informed decisions about choosing and using self-care products.

Our Goals

Our goal is to ensure consumers use, store, and dispose of consumer healthcare products safely and responsibly. We educate consumers to:

  • Read and follow Drug Facts and Supplement Facts labels to prevent unintentional misuse
  • Keep OTC medicines and dietary supplements up and away, out of the sight and reach of young children
  • Properly dispose of unwanted or expired OTC products and dietary supplements

Board of Directors

Elizabeth Karvonen Headshot
Team Lead, Head of Store Brands, The Emerson Group
Yvette Baez Headshot
Yvette Baez
Yvette Baez, Head of Industry, Google, Inc.
Velvet Gogol Bennett Headshot
Senior Director, Communications, P&G Global Health Care
Isaiah Dahlman Headshot
Isaiah Dahlman
Vice President & General Manager, Perrigo Direct, Perrigo Company
Christina Ferzli Headshot
Christina Ferzli
Director and Head of Communications and Corporate Affairs, Nestle Health Science U.S.
Daniella Foster Headshot
Executive Board Member & SVP Public Affairs, Science and Sustainability, Bayer Consumer Health
Hayley Fry Headshot
Hayley Fry
Senior Director of Marketing, Lil’ Drug Store Products
Robert Goodfellow Headshot
Robert Goodfellow
Director, Corporate Purpose Communications, Colgate-Palmolive Company
Jason Milligan Headshot Black and white
Jason Milligan
Vice President, US Oral Health, Haleon
Claudine Patel Headshot
Claudine Patel
Chief Marketing Officer, Sanofi Consumer Healthcare
Annette Reichel Headshot
Annette Reichel
Communications & Public Affairs Lead, U.S. Self-Care, Kenvue
Kyle Stenzel Headshot
Senior Vice President, Sales, North America, Combe Incorporated
Mary Teryek Headshot in black and white
Vice President, U.S. Vision Care Marketing, Bausch + Lomb

More Information

For more information, contact the Health in Hand Foundation’s Executive Director Mary Leonard at 202.429.3518 or mleonard@chpa.org.