Supply Chain in the States

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The supply chain enabling consumer access to over-the-counter health products like cold medication and bandages involves a global network of raw material suppliers, chemical ingredient producers, manufacturing plants, packagers, distributers, wholesalers, retailers, and more. This complex web of private sector businesses operates within an intricate regulatory framework across local, state and federal levels.

The Issue

Disruptions at any point in the interconnected web – whether from trade disputes, labor shortages, compliance failures, recalls, extreme weather, or global crises – can quickly create consumer shortages. When surges in demand outpace supply, healthcare access suffers.

CHPA’s Position

CHPA supports a review of existing rules and coordination efforts to identify opportunities that could mitigate shortage risks during times of peak need. Emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic offers a pivotal moment for officials at various levels of government to explore whether targeted steps could facilitate supply network resilience for key over-the-counter healthcare commodities during future public emergencies.

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