The Value of OTC Medicines

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The Power of OTCs to Provide Consumer Value

Social Media Toolkit

Millions of Americans rely on over-the-counter (OTC) medicines as an accessible and effective solution for commonly occurring conditions. Below you will find a suite of infographics accompanied by draft captions which may be used to highlight this year’s findings across multiple social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn). We hope you can incorporate these messages into your organization’s editorial calendars to highlight the value created by OTC medicines. If you have any questions, please contact Logan Tucker.

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Man on computer with blue A overlay. Text reads: By taking OTC medicines to treat common sickness, $45B is saved in workplace productivity
2022 OTC Value Study: $45B Saved in Workplace Productivity
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Woman taking a capsule with blue overlay. Text reads: Over-the-counter medicines save the U.S. healthcare system $167B annually.
2022 OTC Value Study: OTC Medicines Save the US Healthcare System $167B Annually
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Woman with smartphone and orange overlay. Text reads: For every $1 spent on over-the-counter medicines, the U.S. healthcare system saves $7.33.
2022 OTC Value Study: $7.33 Saved for Every $1 Spent
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Masked woman and child with blue overlay. Text reads: If over-the-counter medicines weren't available, 82% of consumers would have gone to the doctor instead.
2022 OTC Value Study: If OTC Medicines Weren't Available
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Man blowing nose with orange overlay. Text reads: 33M+ households would let their sickness run its course without treatment if over-the-counter medicines weren't available.
2022 OTC Value Study: 33M+ Households Would Let Sickness Run Its Course Without OTC Medicines
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