Voluntary Codes and Guidelines

The Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) is committed to upholding ethical principles and advancing regulatory compliance and safety in the self-care industry. Our member companies go beyond legal and regulatory requirements to ensure the highest quality products reach consumers. 

We prioritize voluntary self-regulation, where our members willingly adhere to guidelines and best practices that surpass existing requirements. This approach allows us to set a higher industry standard, placing consumer well-being, transparency, and trust at the forefront. 

Through these initiatives, we continuously strive to enhance regulatory compliance and overall safety in the over the counter (OTC), dietary supplement, and consumer medical device industries. By promoting responsible practices, we aim to safeguard the well-being of consumers and uphold our core values. 

Voluntary Codes & Guidelines Combined PDF Version

Staff Contacts

Duffy MacKay Headshot
Senior Vice President, Dietary Supplements
Marcia Howard Headshot
Vice President, Regulatory & Scientific Affairs
Jay Sirois Headshot
Vice President, Regulatory & Scientific Affairs