This past year, CHPA took bold actions in response to the global reckoning on racial injustice. We established two separate committees for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) – a board-level steering committee and an internal staff-led inclusion, diversity, equity, acceptance (IDEA) committee – to identify tangible steps that CHPA, and its member companies, could take to help promote a more inclusive industry and to support broader efforts to ensure equity for all Americans.

In a short time we've accomplished a lot:

CHPA Board Steering Committee:

CHPA IDEA Committee:

  • Created a Mission Statement
  • Established IDEA Subcommittees
  • Prepared CHPA's first ever DEI policy
  • Observing MLK Day as an official CHPA holiday
  • Establishing a staff Day of Service
  • Completing bias training for all staff
  • Hosting the Fireside Chat dialogue
  • Connecting with local organizations and businesses
  • Table-top discussions on DEI during CHPA's 2020 Virtual Regulatory, Scientific & Quality (RSQ) Conference and Virtual Gala of the CHPA Educational Foundation (CHPAEF).


CHPA established two committees to champion our DEI work: 1) a board-level steering committee focused on industry initiatives and 2) an internal, staff-led committee focused on organizational initiatives. Each committee has four subcommittees that drill deeper into a core focus area on DEI.

DEI Board Steering Committee Objectives

  • Education and Training: To generate a best practice framework for companies’ DEI programs with a focus on educational programs and training.
  • Policy: To provide resources and tools to assist companies interested in establishing or advancing internal policies, procedures, and best practices designed to promote an inclusive work environment.
  • Initiatives and Community Outreach: To build trust with community leaders, address health disparities through access & education, and ensure that CHPA Member company advertising is reflective of diverse communities.
    • Product Donation Program: In an effort to serve marginalized and underserved communities, the Initiatives & Community Outreach Subcommittee launched a product donation program that will provide access to consumer healthcare products to specific communities who are most in need. This is an ongoing program that will build trust within these communities and provide access to needed OTC medicines and dietary supplements. To participate, please email and CHPA staff will connect you with a list of recipients. 
  • NextGen Consumer Healthcare Leaders: To increase awareness and representation and support a pipeline of diverse talent in our industry, with a specific focus around recruitment, retention, development, and mentorship.

IDEA Subcommittees

  • Education & Training: Generates educational programs, training, and resources to enhance our understanding of inclusion, diversity, equity, and acceptance.
  • Policy: Assesses, promotes, and develops best practices, policies, and procedures that are fair, equitable, inclusive, and sensitive for all employees in the workplace.
  • Initiatives & Community Outreach: Serves marginalized and underserved communities and focuses on a variety of topics, including access to affordable healthcare. Moreover, it is actively involved in our local communities — including cultural events, education, and volunteer opportunities.
  • NextGen Pharma Leaders Program: Establishes mentorship, internship, and career opportunities for middle, high school, and college students living in marginalized and underserved communities.
Small groups networking at a business conference
DEI Board Steering Committee
Millennial black businesswoman addressing colleagues at a corporate business meeting
Staff IDEA Committee