CHPA Workplace Values

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  • We think ahead, self-educate, prepare, and prepare others.
  • We do our best on every task, and we follow-through.
  • We evaluate and learn from our successes and mistakes.
  • We strive for each member of the team to contribute, providing diverse ideas that harness innovation and achieve high-quality outcomes.


  • We respect our colleagues and celebrate successes.
  • We are ethical in our decision-making and align our actions and words.
  • We provide a safe and professional environment for open dialogue and expression.
  • We strive for equity and welcome team members to challenge issues, actions, or decisions that limit viewpoints and perspectives.


  • We listen and seek to understand, first.
  • We are present, focused, and engaged.
  • We are open, transparent, and accountable for the work we do and delegate.
  • We collaborate to create value through effective interactions.
  • We welcome, acknowledge, and value the unique talents and skills brought forth by each team member.


  • We seek to earn trust; this, in turn, allows for a culture of greater autonomy.
  • We recognize, respect, and utilize the skills of others.
  • We provide opportunities for our staff to innovate and explore.
  • We aim for each member of the team to bring their authentic self to work and feel inspired to provide high-quality service internally and externally.


  • We are committed to hiring diverse talent.
  • We seek and offer opportunities for increasing responsibility and growth.
  • We encourage and support professional development.
  • We foster a culture of mentoring, coaching, and feedback.
  • We support a diverse need for growth by remaining open to continued learning through education and training programs.