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CHPA's member-only weekly report from our State & Local Government Affairs team, reporting on recent legislative activity around the country affecting our industry.

Providing coverage for clinically-validated, over-the-counter products capable of preventing complications or replacing higher cost prescriptions through flexible spending arrangements aligns with value-based models working to improve access and outcomes across populations.

Know Your Dose (KYD) educates patients and consumers about the safe and effective use of acetaminophen, the most commonly used drug ingredient in the United States.

Learn about the OTC review process, drug monographs, and time and extent applications.

Having individual states impose distinct labeling rules would create confusion around critical health details printed on packaging.

Up and Away reminds families of the importance of safe medicine storage to prevent young children from accidentally getting into medicine. It is led by the CDC and Health in Hand, in partnership with the PROTECT Initiative.

woman using travel sized hand sanitizer

Learn about various aspects of the regulation of OTC medicines including labeling, advertising, current good manufacturing processes, and more.

CHPA is committed to advancing solutions to illegal sales that penalize criminals and ensure law-abiding consumers continue to have access to a wide range of treatment options, including nonprescription medicines containing PSE.

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