CHPA Educational Foundation Announces 2023 U.S. Self-Care Marketing Award Winners, New Name, & Incoming Board Chair at Annual Gala

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(PHILADELPHIA) – The Consumer Healthcare Products Association Educational Foundation (CHPAEF) held its 8th Annual Gala last night at The Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia. The widely attended event brought together more than 350 attendees from 93 companies across the self-care industry. In addition to highlighting CHPAEF’s key 2023 educational initiatives, the event program also included the unveiling of the Foundation’s new name: Health in Hand, and an announcement on the election of Elizabeth Karvonen, Team Lead of the Emerson Group, to serve as Health in Hand’s new board chair. Elizabeth will succeed previous chair Kyle Stenzel, Senior Vice President of Sales and Global Supply Chain for Combe Inc.

CHPAEF’s 8th Annual Gala at The Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia.
CHPAEF’s 8th Annual Gala at The Bellevue Hotel in Philadelphia.

“After the launch of our consumer-facing website in March, we listened to the feedback from our donors and partners about how much this brand resonated with them. Health In Hand plays a vital role in empowering people to actively manage their personal healthcare and make safe, informed choices when choosing and using self-care products. Building upon this fundamental alignment to our mission and strategic priorities, it made sense to officially call our organization Health In Hand,” said Health in Hand Executive Director Mary Leonard.


Health In Hand Brand Video

“We’re also proud to be entering this new chapter with Elizabeth as our new chair of our Board of Directors,” continued Leonard. “Her years of industry experience and commitment to our mission have been critical in helping us advance our strategic priorities and we look forward to her continued leadership in this new role. I also want to express my sincere appreciation to Kyle for his strong and effective leadership of our board these past three years. His pragmatic and inspirational leadership was instrumental in helping guide us toward continued success.”

The evening also featured the 2023 U.S. Self-Care Marketing Awards, honoring 10 grand prize winners across nine categories as well as a People’s Choice Award, recognizing the strategic innovation and marketing expertise of CHPA member companies. Participation in this year’s awards was especially strong, with 41 entries received. A judging panel of seven independent experts was used to narrow the field to this year’s 28 finalists, whose work was also honored at the event.

2023 Self-Care Marketing Awards
2023 U.S. Self-Care Marketing Awards

             “This event is a testament to the broad commitment our industry has to Health In Hand’s mission of reaching, educating, and empowering more consumers every year,” said Leonard. “And I’d like to send a well-deserved congratulations to this year’s finalists and winners for being outstanding marketing leaders in our industry. A special thank you also goes out to our esteemed judging panel for lending their time and expertise to score this year’s nominations.” 

The awards were presented by Health in Hand Board Chair Elizabeth Karvonen and Google Inc.’s Head of Industry for Pharma Yvette Baez who also serves on Health In Hand’s Board of Directors. The volunteer awards judging panel included representatives from Competitive Promotion Report, CVS Health, Family Dollar, Designs for Health, Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management and former industry and retail leaders from GSK and Walmart.

The 2023 U.S. Self-Care Marketing Award finalists are as follows:

Best Product Launch Campaign on a Brand Budget of Less than $5M

  • Advantice Health – WINNER*
    • Product: Kerasal Nighttime Renewal Fungal Nail Patches
    • Campaign: “Kerasal Patches”
    • Supported by: Fresh Branding
  • Bayer Consumer Health
    • Product: Midol Heat Vibes
    • Campaign: “Introducing Midol Heat Vibes to Gen-Z Influencers”
    • Supported by: Gen.Video

Best Product Launch Campaign on a Brand Budget of More than $5M

  • Similasan
    • Product: iVIZIA Dry Eye Drops
    • Campaign: “We See A Better Way”
    • Supported By: Thea Pharma Inc., Let There Be, Elevate Healthcare
  • Bayer Consumer Health – WINNER*
    • Product:  Astepro Allergy
    • Campaign: “Astepro Allergy OTC Launch”
    • Supported By: twelvenote
  • Sanofi Consumer Healthcare
    • Product:  Icy Hot PRO
    • Campaign: “RISE TO PRO”
    • Supported By: Terri & Sandy

Best Overall Campaign Promoting Safe Use

  • The Procter & Gamble Company
    • Product: NyQuil and DayQuil High Blood Pressure Cold and Flu Liquid Medicine
    • Campaign: “NyQuil and DayQuil High Blood Pressure Re-Launch”
    • Supported By: MSL Group
  • Reckitt
    • Product: Neuriva
    • Campaign: “Neuriva: Think Bigger”
    • Supported By: Hunter PR, Energy Studios
  • Haleon – WINNER*
    • Product: All Haleon Brands
    • Campaign: “Listen to Your Labels”
    • Supported By: WPP and Grey NY

Best Digital Campaign on a Brand Budget of Less than $5M

  • Focus Consumer Healthcare
    • Product: Pamprin
    • Campaign: “More Than Pain”
    • Supported By: KWG
  • Lansinoh Laboratories – WINNER*
    • Product: Birth Prep & Recovery
    • Campaign: “Embracing MomME”
    • Supported By: 522 Productions and Exit 14
  • Rally Labs
    • Product: Blowfish for Hangovers
    • Campaign: “ASMR You Hungover?”

Best Digital Campaign on a Brand Budget of More than $5M

  • Bayer Consumer Health
    • Product: One A Day
    • Campaign: “The Gratitude Project”
    • Supported By: twelvenote
  • Colgate-Palmolive Company – WINNER*
    • Product: hello products
    • Campaign: “Strangely Likeable”
    • Supported By: The Sasha Group and Humanaut
  • Kenvue
    • Product: Listerine
    • Campaign: “LISTERINE Trains the Trainers”
    • Supported By: Hunter PR

Best Environmental Impact Campaign

  • Haleon – WINNER*
    • Product: Advil
    • Campaign: “Advil Sustainability Initiative – Greenstock”
    • Supported By: Edelman  and CaST
  • Kenvue
    • Product: ZYRTEC
    • Campaign: “ZYRTEC Brings Releaf to Historically Excluded Communities and Our Planet”
    • Supported By: Hunter PR

Best Overall Multicultural and Inclusive Campaign

  • Kenvue – WINNER*
    • Product: BAND-AID Brand OURTONE
    • Campaign: “BAND-AID Brand OURTONE Uplifts Healthcare Heroes”
    • Supported By: Hunter PR
  • Haleon
    • Product: Flonase
    • Campaign: “Allergies Don’t Discriminate!”
    • Supported By: Publicis Leon and NGL Media
  • Sanofi Consumer Healthcare
    • Product: Aspercreme
    • Campaign: “Asperqueens”
    • Supported By: Terri & Sandy

Best Overall Social Media Campaign 

  • Bausch + Lomb
    • Product: LUMIFY redness reliever eye drops
    • Campaign: “Bausch + Lomb’s TikTok #LUMIFYEyeDance Challenge”
    • Supported By: Lane Communications Group and Blue Chip Marketing
  • Bayer Consumer Health – WINNER*
    • Product: Midol
    • Campaign: “The Real Reason: A Social Experiment”
    • Supported By: twelvenote
  • Haleon
    • Product: Tums
    • Campaign: “Love Food Back”
    • Supported By: Grey Group and CaST

Innovative Marketing Campaign of the Year on a Brand Budget of Less than $5M

  • Reckitt
    • Product: Delsym
    • Campaign: “Feel Better Together Campaign”
    • Supported By: Legend, Barrows and McCann
  • Sanofi Consumer Healthcare
    • Product: ACT Fluoride Mouthwash
    • Campaign: “Long Live Your Teeth!”
    • Supported By: Terri & Sandy
  • WellSpring Consumer Healthcare – WINNER*
    • Product: Bonine
    • Campaign: “Bonine, 9x The Adventure”
    • Supported By: 31,000 Feet

Innovative Marketing Campaign of the Year on a Brand Budget of More than $5M

  • Haleon – WINNER*
    • Product: Centrum Silver multivitamins
    • Campaign: “Centrum Silver Multivitamins Campaign (Cosmos)”
    • Supported By: FCB NY and Casanova McCann
  • Kenvue
    • Product: ZYRTEC
    • Campaign: “Zeize the Day”
    • Supported By: Doner
  • Reckitt
    • Product: Mucinex
    • Campaign: “Mucinex Comeback Season”
    • Supported By: McCann, Zenith and Barrows

People’s Choice Award

  • Focus Consumer Health – WINNER*
    • Product: Pamprin
    • Campaign: “More Than Pain” 
    • Supported by: KWG

Health In Hand is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that empowers consumers to make safe, informed decisions about choosing and using self-care products. Visit or for more information.