CHPA Statement: Sweeping & Restrictive Supplement Legislation Becomes Law in New York State

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Statement from Carlos Gutiérrez, CHPA Vice President, State & Local Government Affairs:

“After urging Governor Hochul to recognize the importance of a more balanced approach to this issue, CHPA was disappointed to see this legislation signed into law today, making New York the only state in the country to unnecessarily limit consumers’ access to a broad range of dietary supplements. Gov. Hochul appropriately vetoed a similar measure last year, yet this year’s bill – A5610D – is even more extensive and restrictive. Although well-intentioned, this law will ultimately do more harm than good. Its overly broad language will not just affect dietary supplements that are marketed for weight loss, but additional products that utilize a particular set of ingredients, including many used in popular supplements unrelated to weight loss at all.

“This sweeping legislation jeopardizes consumer access to the safe, beneficial, and well-regulated dietary supplements that millions of New Yorkers rely on every day to support their overall health and wellness. Restricting consumers’ ability to access certain supplement products not intended for weight loss will certainly have unintended negative consequences for New Yorkers and their health.”

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