Associate Member Spotlight: 10/20 - 11/3/2023

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Companies with Point-of-Care Services expertise* 

FSAStore, Inc. – is flex spending with zero guesswork. It's the largest online marketplace for guaranteed FSA-eligible products and an educational resource you can understand. The company's mission is to help millions of flexible spending account holders manage and use their FSAs and save on more than 4,000 health items using tax-free health money. 

In an ever-shifting market, is health savings, simplified. With the largest selection of guaranteed HSA-eligible products and easy-to-understand educational resources, the brand is here to maximize consumers' long-term health savings and help ease the financial burden of medical needs should they arise. 

Health Monitor Network – Health Monitor is a targeted healthcare marketing platform for the Pharmaceutical/OTC and CPG industries. Our in-house, award-winning content studio creates bespoke educational content about disease states and specific therapies that power more productive patient-physician dialogues. Health Monitor has the industry's most extensive proprietary physician office network, with over 200,000 offices and more than 450,000 healthcare professionals engaging with our omnichannel education products. For 40 years, our brand has been at the forefront of healthcare marketing. It is trusted to deliver high-value content at all points of care for patients and physicians, providing powerful ROI to brands and better patient outcomes. Together, we build brands and empower patients. 

PatientPoint – PatientPoint® is the patient engagement platform for every point of care. Our innovative, tech-enabled solutions create more effective doctor-patient interactions and deliver high value for patients, providers, and healthcare sponsors. Through our nearly 140k unique healthcare provider relationships, PatientPoint's solutions impact roughly 750 million patient visits yearly, further advancing our mission of improving every doctor-patient engagement. Learn more at 

Companies with International Consulting – Retail Strategy expertise* 

ANB Canada – Trusted for more than 27 years. ANB Canada is a full-service solution for OTC, Haba, and Rx. We assist our partners/clients in warehousing, distribution, planning, sales, Health Canada Compliance, marketing & advertising. 

With Canadian coast-to-coast distribution, We sell to various channels from Drug Stores, Grocery, Convenience, Health food stores, Mass, and Omni channels. 

Our diverse expert team has taken clients to the next level of success in the Canadian market. Every ANB client, regardless of size, is given the same dedication and unwavering commitment. 

We see your Potential! 

Catalina – Catalina's personalized digital media connects shoppers to the brands we know they want. We deliver only the most relevant ads and offers from their home to the aisle. Only Catalina knows more than three-quarters of American shoppers' evolving purchase history and individual needs. We use that insight to create personalized, measurable campaigns that motivate high-value consumers to try new products, increase consumption, and stay loyal to CPG Brands and Retailers. 

Tradeswell DBA Incremental – Tradeswell helps brands and agencies uncover incremental growth with predictive analytics for retail media. Retail media has grown rapidly and is tracking to cross $50b by the end of 2023, but most platforms still rely on outdated attribution to measure its impact. Industry-standard approaches rely on last-touch attribution, which doesn't control for exposure to advertising on other channels or for external factors like pricing, promotion, or seasonality. The result is inflated ad-attributed sales and ROAS, which obscure optimization opportunities. 

Tradeswell's platform uses machine learning to isolate only retail media's incremental impact on sales and provide easily actionable recommendations on optimizing your existing spend to drive more sales for the same investment, improving your ROI. 

*Not all companies from these categories may be listed; the “Spotlight” series will highlight different CHPA Associate member companies in a category on a random, rotating basis.