Associate Member Spotlight: July 28 - August 11, 2023

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Companies with Public Relations expertise* 

Global Communication Works – Are you looking for a no-nonsense, roll up your sleeves full-service marketing, public relations, and reputation management firm? If so, GCW is ready to help! 

Unlike most agencies, who see PR only as a vehicle for generating publicity, Global Communication Works (GCW) views it as a function to be integrated with corporate branding, marketing, and image activities. Our position is this: If it doesn't help grow market share, generate traffic, boost shareholder confidence, or contribute meaningfully to the corporate or organizational mission, it's just noise.  

In a world where consumers are hit with thousands of competing commercial messages daily, merely getting a headline – the staple of traditional PR firms – isn't good enough anymore. 

We accomplish this in several ways. To begin with, our people understand the media. Our team members have served as network producers and television reporters. They've also been published in prominent magazines across the globe. We've won national and international honors for marketing. We've worked as PR directors in multi-national companies. That blend of skills has produced a strategic communication team that understands how to get and write news and marketing professionals who know how to sell a product, an image, or a corporate position.  

Reach out to us anytime to implement communication strategies the right way! 

Grey Group – Grey is a full-service communications agency with specific expertise in partnering with health and wellness clients to deliver excellence across all marketing disciplines, including digital, direct, experiential, entertainment, sponsorship, public relations, and multicultural. Grey focuses on driving results while attracting attention for its clients and has done so since its founding. Grey. Famously Effective since 1917. 

RLA Collective, a Ruder Finn Company – If you're looking for a strategic consumer health marketing company with decades of experience that still thinks nimbly and creatively like entrepreneurs, look to RLA Collective as your marketing partner. We work with companies of all sizes and stages to develop creative and impactful integrated marketing strategies that help achieve key brand objectives, from approach to targeting a niche audience to brand awareness and, ultimately, in-store or online sales. With a deep understanding of FDA, DSHEA, FTC, and HIIPA, particularly in the digital environment, RLA Collective specializes in consumer-focused, channel-agnostic communications that get the attention and response of your consumer, combining the newest strategies/tactics, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven digital media buying across search, social and display channels, social media and Amazon marketing, with traditional advertising, PR, and trade/retailer support. 

Strategy Concepts – Strategy Concepts brings passionate people together to amplify a shared purpose.  

We specialize in brand strategy, concept development, events, sponsorships, product placements, and communications. 

The BAM Connection, LLC – The BAM Connection is a full-service advertising agency in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Our capabilities include expert brand strategy, content creation, social for all platforms, branding & design, and production services, including video & animation. 

Three things define BAM's competitive edge. 1) We uniquely combine global, powerhouse brand experience with entrepreneurial, creative boutique agility. 2) Our creative philosophy, Simplicity Liberates Creativity, fueled by our trademarked strategic tool, The One-Shot Answer™️. We believe simplicity liberates creativity, and complexity strangles it. 3) We operate under our signature mantra, Success without the BS. We have a pedigree for success, and if something doesn't get us answers, ideas, results, creativity, or that success, we don't waste your time or our time on it.  

We help challenger brands find their edge, revitalize iconic brands, drive successful brands on their growth trajectory, and create breakthrough work in regulated categories. 

*Not all companies from these categories may be listed; the "Spotlight" series will highlight different CHPA Associate member companies in a category on a random, rotating basis.