CHPA Statement on Recent COSMOS-Mind Clinical Trial Results

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(WASHINGTON, DC) — Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) Senior Vice President of Dietary Supplements Duffy MacKay today released the following statement in response to results from a recent COSMOS-Mind study, published in Alzheimer & Dementia Journal, revealing statistically significant improvement on global cognition in participants who took a multivitamin over the course of the long-term clinical trial:

“The promising results of this clinical trial — showing improved global cognition, episodic memory, and executive function in older adults after three years of daily multivitamin-mineral use — provides first-time evidence that dietary supplementation can be effective in helping older consumers protect and improve cognition. We look forward to hearing directly from Mark Espeland, PhD, Principal Investigator on the COSMOS-Mind trial, who will be speaking next week at CHPA’s Regulatory, Scientific and Quality Conference.

“While there is no proven prevention or treatment for cognitive decline, we know that science grows in increments, and this study is one step toward reinforcing the beneficial role of a safe, accessible, and affordable dietary supplement that can be used to optimize health through self-care.”

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