CHPA Expresses Concerns with Dietary Supplement Provisions in Just-Introduced FDA Safety and Landmark Advancement (FDASLA) Act of 2022

CHPA’s President and CEO, Scott Melville, released the following statement in response to the introduction of the FDA Safety and Landmark Advancement (FDASLA) Act of 2022:
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“CHPA has been consistent in its support of the policy of Mandatory Product Listing (MPL) for dietary supplements, but we remain extremely concerned with the provisions contained within FDASLA as introduced in the Senate today. Not only does the language need to be amended to specifically target bad actors and to increase – not decrease – innovation, but the bill should go further to provide consumers with additional assurances regarding the safety and integrity of dietary supplements sold in the U.S.  

“CHPA remains committed to an appropriate listing system for dietary supplements that will enhance consumer safety and confidence, and we look forward to continuing to work with Congress as the FDASLA Act moves through the legislative process.” 

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