Membership FAQs

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Have questions about membership at CHPA? Browse some commonly asked questions and find answers!

What are the different types of membership?

Companies can join CHPA as either Manufacturer or Associate Members.

Manufacturer member companies manufacture and/or distribute OTC medicines, dietary supplements, or consumer medical devices.

Associate member companies supply goods and services to the association's Manufacturer members. Associate members include advertising agencies; contract manufacturers; executive search firms; logistics providers; market researchers; packaging and packagers; media; sales, marketing; ingredient suppliers; PR firms; clinical/research providers, and more.

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Who at my company receives member benefits?

Manufacturer and Associate memberships are corporate so representatives company-wide are able to receive benefits.

Associate Sole Proprieter membership is individual — only that individual may receive member benefits.

Can I participate in determining issues CHPA will deal with?

Members may sit on Councils, Committees, Task Groups, and/or Working Groups which determine the program of work. The CHPA Board of Directors and Executive Committee decide on the priorities for the coming year(s). Manufacturer members may assign representatives to any and all committees. Associate members may sit on all but the Legal Committee and specific Task and Working Groups.

How do I apply for membership?

Manufacturers, start the process by contacting Phyllis Taylor, senior director, Membership & Sponsorships.

How does the renewal process work?

Invoices for the upcoming year's dues are sent to the official representative (primary contact) for the member:

  • Associate invoices are sent in mid-November with payment due by January 31.
  • Manufacturer invoices are sent in early December and payment is due by January 31. Please note: the portion of your CHPA dues and task group expenses attributable to lobbying activity by the association is not deductible as an ordinary expense.

How are membership dues rates determined?

Manufacturer member dues are based on sales reported for the twelve-month period July 1–June 30. The Manufacturer Product Listing and Sales Request is the mechanism by which dues amounts are determined. This form is sent to members in early August of each year and should be returned by August 31.

Associate member dues are a flat rate. Associate members can either join on a Sole Proprieter level ($1,500 annually) or a Corporate level ($5,000 annually).

Dues are prorated monthly based on the calendar year.