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CHPA’s 2021 Supply Chain Webinar Series

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CHPA's Supply Chain Webinar Series has been specifically designed to address the top-of-mind supply chain needs of our industry. This series provides maximum impact with a minimal time commitment, as thought-leaders offer actionable takeaways on issues pertinent to your company’s success and the future of supply chain management.

Don’t miss the opportunity to:

  • Gain exposure to compelling content that will help you modernize and optimize your company’s capabilities.
  • Hear the latest trends and insights from industry leaders in supply chain.
  • Take away the knowledge you need to make mission-critical decisions.

Recordings of the three webinars will be distributed to all attendees at the completion of the series.

Who Should Attend

Both senior and mid-level supply chain professionals working in the consumer healthcare industry, including directors, managers, and associates.


Modeling to Minimize Supply Chain Disruptions

Monday, November 1, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. EST

Between the ongoing labor shortage, shutdowns caused by COVID breakouts, and international container delays, supply chain disruptions have become an everyday occurrence that is wreaking havoc across industries. With many of these factors being external, companies are left wondering what, if anything, can be done to mitigate some of these risks to meeting customer demand. In this webinar, we will explore how modeling tools can be operationalized to optimize cost and service levels across your network. These tools can be leveraged to create a network and inventory strategy that incorporates labor capacity constraints, help implement an effective allocation strategy, or highlight any areas where supplier or product flow risk may exist.

Webinar Objectives

  • Discuss how modeling can support data-driven decision making within your organization.
  • Understand the relationship between current supply chain constraints and modeling value.
  • Learn to develop internal capabilities to successfully optimize your network and inventory levels.

Presented by West Monroe

Robotics 101

Monday, November 8, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. EST

Learn the basics of Robotics including where to start when it comes to implementing robots, how automation can help your production line, and how robotics can help with labor shortages. 

This webinar will be about the basics of robotic automation and what comprises a robotic cell. It will go over types of robots, end-effectors, and the very basics of vision such as what cameras are used. This webinar will also briefly go over robot safety and what can be used to keep workers safe. Then we will examine how robots can benefit a production line, especially when it comes to the current labor shortage affecting so many manufacturers today. Throughout the webinar, we will learn how Southie’s highly flexible systems meet these needs and use some previous cells as an example.

Webinar Objectives

  • Explore industry trends for labor and for robotics.
  • Examine shifts in robotics for new, never before seen applications due to enhanced capabilities and merging of technology.
  • Brainstorm ideas for where to start looking for automation within your process and how to deploy components of an automated solution.

Presented by Southie Autonomy

Robotics 2.0

Monday, November 15, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. EST

A more in-depth look at how robotics can help your productivity. This is the more intensive version of Robotics 101 where we go into detail about which robot/end-effector is best suited for certain situations and how traditional robotics fails to meet needs today. Get more information about safety equipment and how robots can work side by side with human workers. We will briefly talk about how with proper programming and the right equipment, robots can be easy to use with Southie’s system as an example.

Webinar Objectives

  • Reviewtopics from Robotics 1.0.
  • Explore specific areas appropriate for automation in the industry
  • Assess details of traditional automation process vs. Southie.
  • Examine components in the solution and understand how to get started.

Presented by Southie Autonomy

Speaker Bios

Brian Pacula Headshot
Brian Pacula
West Monroe

Brian Pacula

By combining substantial operations know-how with technology and engineering expertise, Brian helps clients achieve productivity gains and serve their customers more efficiently. 

Brian’s problem-solving draws on his extensive experience spanning labor management, enterprise transportation strategies and best practices, carrier portfolio management, process improvement, logistics system optimization (WMS, TMS, Fleet), network optimization, distribution cost reduction, and supply chain management principles.

In addition to advising C&IP clients, Brian assists private equity and strategic buyers during transaction lifecycles to evaluate IT, software, and operations in manufacturing, distribution, and transportation industries for investment risk an EBITDA opportunity.

Prior to joining West Monroe, Brian was a manufacturing engineer with G&W Electric. He has a bachelor’s degree from Purdue University. He is APICS Certified in Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution (CLTD). He is also a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and holds Engineer in Training (FE) and Maynard Operation Sequence Technique (MOST) certifications.

Rahul Chipalkatty Headshot
Rahul Chipalkatty, PhD
CEO and Founder, Southie Autonomy

Rahul Chipalkatty, PhD

CEO and Founder of Southie Autonomy, Rahul has over 15 years of deep robotics expertise leading technical and business teams. His work has transformed how humans and robots work together, breaking down the barriers to using complex robotic systems and empowering people to use robots. Rahul’s vision for incorporating easy to use robots into contract packaging, logistics, and manufacturing stems from his prior work at Draper Labs where he led autonomous and mobile manipulation robotics for military personnel.


Meredith Owen Headshot
Meredith Owen, MBA
Head of Business Development, Southie Autonomy

Meredith Owen, MBA

Head of Business Development at Southie Autonomy, Meredith builds partnerships with contract packaging, manufacturing, and logistics companies to drive adoption of robotic solutions into traditionally manual operations. As a business mind inspired by innovative solutions, Meredith consults with partners to deeply understand needs, educate on robotics, and provide recommendations for automation solutions. Prior to working in the manufacturing automation space, she consulted across industries for innovative early-stage companies.

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