• OTC Research

    CHPA strives to continually reinforce, define, and quantify the value of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines for consumers and the healthcare system. The following CHPA research initiatives and products highlight the meaningful ways that OTC medicines provide consumers access to trusted, affordable, empowering self-care options.

    Assessing Consumer Benefits of Allergy Rx-to-OTC Switches
    White Paper (Nielsen and CHPA, March 2017)

    Managing Access to Dextromethorphan: Cost Implications of a Potential Over-the-Counter to Prescription-Only Conversion
    White Paper (Charles River Associates, October 2016)

    Consumer Navigation and Selection Behaviors for OTC Products in a Retail Setting
    Report (Concentrics Research, September, 2014)

    The Value of OTC Medicines
    White Paper (Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, March 2014)

    Over-the-Counter Medication Behaviors of Older Adults
    White paper (September 2013)

    OTC combination products in pharmacist-assisted self-care
    White paper (Pharmacy Today; June 2013)

    Understanding Trust in OTC Medicines: Consumer and Healthcare Provider Perspectives
    White paper (March 2013)
    PPT deck (March 2013)

    Growth Drivers: The Factors Behind Independent Pharmacy OTC Sales
    White paper (May 2012)
    Key findings (June 2012)

    The Value of OTC Medicine to the United States
    White paper (January 2012)
    Key findings (January 2012)

    Your Health at Hand: Perceptions of Over-the-Counter Medicine in the U.S.
    News release (June 2011)
    White paper (June 2011)
    Survey (November 2010)

    White Paper on the Benefits of OTC Medicines in the United States
    White paper (October 2010)

    National Survey on Cough Medicine Use
    Key findings (January 2007)

    Consumer Survey on Self-Medication
    Survey and fact sheets (2001)