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  • Awards

  • During the CHPA Educational Foundation Gala, we will recognize members of our community whose partnerships with the Foundation have supported its success and continued to drive our vision of happier, healthier lives through responsible self-care.

    Industry Leadership Award for Advancing Responsible Self-Care

    The foundation will be honoring a CHPA member company whose actions have created a positive impact on the consumer healthcare industry and as a result, has directly advanced responsible self-care for U.S. consumers. This includes creating or implementing innovative packaging, programs, or marketing campaigns that promote the safe use, storage, and/or disposal of OTC medicines and dietary supplements. Nomination information will be available soon.

    Distinguished Industry Partner of the Year

    The Distinguished Industry Partner of the Year Award honors a retail partner for its dedication to reflect the foundation’s vision and educate consumers about the safe use, storage and/or disposal of OTC medicines.

    Outstanding Community Partner of the Year

    The Outstanding Community Partner of the Year Award honors a non-profit partner for its commitment to consistently drive and share the Foundation’s mission to help consumers choose and use OTC medicines responsibly.

    2016 Award Winners

    2016 Industry Leadership Award for Advancing Responsible Self-Care
    Johnson & Johnson Consumer Healthcare

    Johnson and Johnson Consumer Healthcare developed an OTC Medicine Safety program. This initiative demonstrated effectiveness in educating adolescents on the responsible use and storage of OTC medicines. Since its launch in 2012, the evidence-based OTC Medicine Safety program has been implemented in communities and schools throughout the country and distributed to thousands of teachers, healthcare professionals, community leaders and families.

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    2016 Distinguished Industry Partner of the Year

    Walmart and the Foundation have collaborated for more than three years to educate consumers on the safe use of acetaminophen through the Foundation’s flagship campaign Know Your Dose. Data released late last year from the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center shows that adult exposures reported to national poison centers involving OTC acetaminophen combination products decreased by 30.4 percent from 2009 to 2013. Walmart’s inclusion of Know Your Dose educational messaging via shelf-talkers and pamphlets at the pharmacy counter in its 4,600 retail locations contributed to this positive trend. Education is making a difference.

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    2016 Outstanding Community Partner of the Year
    American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC)

    AAPCC’s strong commitment to educating consumers on how to safely dispose of unwanted or expired OTC medicines is making an impact. In partnership with AAPCC, the Foundation developed a co-branded Safe Medicine Disposal poster that was distributed to all 55 poison centers throughout the country and made available online to consumers via both organizational websites. The poster continues to be in high demand and is currently in its third printing; we are grateful for all of AAPCC’s hard work in helping us advance consumer awareness of this important issue.

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