What We Do




The foundation leads influential, innovative educational initiatives that address specific areas where consumers need guidance and support, including:

  1. KnowYourOTCs.org

    The foundation’s website KnowYourOTCs.org is a mobile-friendly website that guides consumers making OTC decisions wherever they are – be it the pharmacy aisle or their child’s bedside.

    KnowYourOTCs reaches millions of consumers through high-impact, multi-media content on our social media sites and through our blogger ambassador program. Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


  2. National Education Campaigns

    Up and Away reminds families of the importance of safe medicine storage to prevent young children from accidentally getting into medicine. It is led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the CHPA Educational Foundation, in partnership with the PROTECT Initiative. The campaign reaches tens of millions of parents and caregivers each year. For a full list of partners and campaign resources, visit UpandAway.org.

    Know Your Dose educates patients and consumers about the safe and effective use of acetaminophen, the most commonly used drug ingredient in the United States. The campaign is organized by the Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition—a group of consumer organizations, health organizations, and healthcare provider organizations, including the CHPA Educational Foundation. For a full list of partners and campaign resources, visit KnowYourDose.org.

    Treat with Care provides parents and caregivers with the information they need to safely treat their children’s cough and cold symptoms with pediatric OTC liquid cough and cold medicines. Specifically, our education focuses on the importance of milliliter dosing and always using the dosing device that comes with your child’s medicine. Learn more about safe use tips here.

    OTC Pain Reliever Education Campaign addresses the safe use of the broader internal analgesics category, including NSAIDs, and the importance of reading and following the label. Check out our interactive OTC pain tool to better understand the different types of OTC pain relievers.


  3. Partnering with Trusted Sources

    The foundation positions itself as the “trusted source to trusted sources” sharing our safe use messages with more than 60 key partners, including government agencies, healthcare provider organizations, and consumer media groups, to help amplify our reach. We distribute more than 800,000 educational materials in both English and Spanish to healthcare providers, retailers, and communities, to reach consumers at the point of selection, the point of purchase, and the point of care. Take a look at our free materials to order here.



One of the ways the foundation measures its success is by aligning with positive public health trends that our education has directly addressed. For example:

  1. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention says emergency department visits in children under 5 for accidental unsupervised ingestions of medicine are down 33% since 2010. CDC leaders give credit to the Up & Away campaign, which we execute with the agency and members of its PROTECT initiative on medicine safety.

  2. The latest data we just received from Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center shows calls to poison control centers about acetaminophen exposures have declined 28% since 2007 thanks in part to educational efforts like the KnowYourDose campaign.